Our Story

CernexWave was founded in 2011 as a sister company of Cernex, Inc. The CernexWave management team consists of senior design engineers and sales and marketing staff with more than 500 man-years of experience.

CernexWave designs, develops and produces high quality, reliable products up to 1000Ghz for both active and passive components, waveguides products, ferrite products, antenna products, sub-systems for the commercial markets to the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 international standards with no exclusions taken.

The markets that CernexWave participate include wireless telecommunications, aerospace, defense and the fiber optic communications industry.

CernexWave have developed and implemented a QMS (Quality/Business Management System) to document its practices associated focused on the design, development, manufacture and sale of its commercial products and services. It is CernexWave’s goal to consistently provide products and services which exceed customer product requirements and to meet applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in order to enhance customer satisfaction, and to address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives. CernexWave believes that Good Quality Management Processes = Good Business Processes.